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just! Shandong Energy and Yankuang Group, Shandong Expressway and Qilu Transportation officially announced the reorganization of the new group positioning announcement

On the morning of July 13th, a reporter from the New Times learned from the Shandong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission that the provincial government held a reform and cadre meeting on reform of provincial-owned enterprises in Jinan this morning. At the meeting, the joint reorganization plan of Shandong Energy and Yankuang Group and the joint reorganization plan of Shandong Expressway and Qilu Transportation Group were announced;


Is there any chance of winning the battle against Cygnus? Scientists:The key is whether humans can control the sun

In this process, the star’s light gradually dissipated, the inner core continued to collapse, and eventually evolved from the god of light into the ghost of the universe. Therefore, if humans are to wander outside the solar system, they must first master the technology of using solar energy efficiently, and regard the sun as the next energy station for the evolution of human civilization.


US Energy Secretary says”coal has a bright future”

He said,”Through what I learned today and what I saw with my own eyes today, I think it is necessary for us to look at coal in a different way. We can see that coal in the United States is actually in the world. Have a bright future.”