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The universe is reducing its dimensionality? New research says dark matter is turning into dark energy, and the material world may be changing

The universe is a vast expanse of space, and the space is filled with three things:visible matter, dark matter, and dark energy. The visible matter accounts for approximately 5%, dark matter accounts for approximately 25%, and dark energy accounts for approximately 69%. , We can see that dark energy plays a leading role in the universe.


Matter is equal to energy. I would rather be poor among the rich than rich in the poor

I would rather be poor among the rich than rich among the poor. If you are poor among the poor, you will only get poorer and poorer. You will be pulled down by those poor friends and relatives. If you are poor among the rich, you will be pushed up by them. Can you understand this relationship? Never accept people with negative energy, and always change to a positive circle.


Why did you pay so much for nothing? Your energy circuit is closed

Will there be any reward for paying? Yes, all the pay must be rewarded. If this logic is not true, I am afraid that no one will be willing to work harder. Almost everyone knows that if you want to get it, you must pay first. This is the collective consciousness of mankind and a basic law of cause and effect.


“Wild Wild Fight” who is the king who eats chicken big stomach, the energy comer does not refuse, he is called the mobile charging treasure

It has been a month since the wilderness fighting national costume was launched, and many friends around the sister Huang have started to enter the wilderness continent. As a new starter, the acquisition of the wilderness duel is inevitable. In this activity The most important thing is to collect energy blocks to make yourself stronger. So which heroes are suitable for collecting energy blocks?