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tomorrow! Many well-known entrepreneurs gathered at the 3rd National Young Entrepreneurs Summit

Sponsored by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Fujian Provincial People’s Government, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Youth Entrepreneurs Committee, Fujian Provincial Committee of the United Front Work Department, Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Fujian Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government, Xiamen City , Zhangzhou City, Quanzhou City, Sanming City, Putian City, Nanping City, Longyan City, Ningde City People’s Government, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Management Committee, Fujian Digital Office, Fujian Youth Fujian Merchants Association The National Young Entrepreneurs Summit will be held in Fuzhou on September 25. The theme of this summit is”Promoting Entrepreneurship and Giving Full Play to the Role of New Forces”. More than 400 guests from all over the country gathered together to exchange ideas and explore development.


HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit held in Beijing

On September 12, in the exhibition area of ​​the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit, the staff demonstrated the automatic and efficient fast solvent extraction instrument. On the same day, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit was held in the new hall of the China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi District, Beijing.


Yesterday Li Kaifu, Lei Jun and other big names gathered in Shunyi to see what happened?

The reporter learned that the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurs Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition is currently the only comprehensive international talent event in my country with the overseas talent entrepreneurship competition as the main body. It has gathered 3085 entrepreneurial talents and teams from 82 countries and regions to participate. 2026 entrepreneurial projects.


“Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sailing Far Away” Linzi female entrepreneurs learn from outstanding entrepreneurs

In order to implement the spirit of”Comrade Zhu Zhenglin’s Speech at the Linzi District”Entrepreneur Festival” Establishment and Excellent Entrepreneurs Recognition and Reward Conference”, we celebrate Linzi District’s establishment of September 8 as”Entrepreneur Day” and call on women entrepreneurs across the district To learn from outstanding entrepreneurs, the District Women’s Federation and District Women Entrepreneurs Association went to Zhutai Town to carry out the”Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sailing” Linzi Women Entrepreneurs Learning Activity from Excellent Entrepreneurs.


Hundreds of Henan entrepreneurs walked into Jiyuan to feel the spirit of Yu Gong Yishan

On September 5th, nearly a hundred outstanding enterprise leaders from Henan, represented by representatives of the 10th, 11th and 12th National People’s Congress, Sanquan Group, Wanjiang Group Chairman, and Honorary Chairman of the Qunxiangdao Presidium, including Chen Zemin, walked in Yu Gong’s hometown is Jiyuan, and experience the spirit of Yu Gong moving mountains in the new era.


Indian entrepreneurial battle royale

At the end of June, the ban on 59 apps has not yet dissipated, and the news that”the Indian government has once again launched 47 apps in China and is still reviewing 275 apps” spread among major Indian entrepreneur groups.