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2021 Yili horse promotion fair held in Beijing to help rural revitalization

Ye erxiati, member of the Standing Committee of Yili Prefecture Party committee and leader of the special team for horse industry development #8226; Tuerxunbai awarded medals to Beijing Xiwu Country Equestrian Club, Beijing jinghuaxing Horse Industry Club and Qingdao Derui Junfa Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which won the “Ili horse training base”. Drawings provided by the sponsor


Zhoushan hosted the first equestrian event, activating the high-end”gene” of sports events in the island city

Source:Zhoushan Daily-Zhoushan Online Weekend, China Sports Lottery Yangtze River Delta Equestrian League and Zhejiang Equestrian Finals were held in Zhoushan. The scene of horse riding and whiplash was moved to the eyes of the islanders. It is the first time for Zhoushan people to feel the charm of equestrianism at close range, and the level of watching the race has reached a new level.”Equestrianism makes the city more elegant”, this is the slogan of this equestrian competition. Sports events make this city more attractive, which is what Zhoushan looks forward to.


On December 19, the equestrian competition will debut in Zhoushan. 23 teams, 180 horses, and 320 groups of people will participate

Source:Zhoushan Daily-Zhoushan.com On December 19, the equestrian competition will debut in Zhoushan. 23 teams, 180 horses, and 320 groups of horses will participate in the Zhoushan Yuanqi Equestrian Club will represent Zhoushan on December 19-20, China Sports Lottery The Yangtze River Delta Equestrian League and Zhejiang Equestrian Finals will be held at Zhoushan Stadium. This is the first equestrian competition held in Zhoushan.


The 4th Guangdong Equestrian League Finals will be held this month. Event plan announced

China News Service, Guangzhou, December 1 (Reporter Guo Jun) On December 1, the Guangdong Equestrian Association held a press conference to announce the 2020 2nd Guangdong Equestrian Festival and the 4th Guangdong Equestrian League Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup The finals will be held on December 12-13 at the equestrian field of Guangzhou Huangcun Sports Training Center, and the events and plans for the finals will be announced.


Equestrian competition in the three northeastern provinces, Changchun player Bayerta won the championship of the 90cm obstacle race

Source:Jiwang. Recently, the equestrian competition jointly organized by the three northeastern provinces started at Changchun Jianpeng Racecourse, from Shenyang Dongjun Equestrian Club, Dalian Qingshan Equestrian Club, Changchun French Equestrian Association, Changchun Jihui Equestrian Club, Changchun Yiba Equestrian Club, Participants from more than 20 equestrian clubs including Changchun Jianpeng Racecourse competed on the same field. In the exciting 2020 Jilin Province Equestrian Jumping Open 0.


2020 National Equestrian Dressage Championship kicks off

Jishi client reported that on October 23, the 2020 National Equestrian Dressage Championship kicked off at Shanghai Jinshan 103.7 International Equestrian Center. The Hebei Equestrian Team just formed this year participated in this competition.


Centaur and horse combination gather in Anping, Hebei, China Equestrian Dressage Championship starts

China News Service, Hengshui, October 7th. On the 6th, the China Equestrian Dressage Championship Cup and National Games Dressage Qualifying Tournament kicked off in Anping County, Hebei Province. This event is one of the core events of the 2020 China Equestrian Festival. It gathers the highest level of dressage men and horses in China, including the dressage riders of the Chinese Equestrian Olympic Team—Gu Bing and Huang Zhuoqin from the Guangdong team.