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“Five One Hundred”, China is inseparable from struggling you and me

   China News Service, Beijing, July 26th (Zhang Yilin) ​​”Struggling people, forging China”. The prosperity of a country cannot be separated from the struggle of the people, and the development of a nation cannot be separated from the power of spirit. In the rush of times, everyone is a bright wave.


“Anno 1800″ DLC6″Land of the Lions” will be launched on October 22

Today, according to Ubisoft’s official Weibo, DLC6″Land of Lions” of”Anno 1800″ will be officially launched on October 22, and the latest preview of”Land of Lions” was announced.”Anno 1800″ DLC6″Land of the Lions” trailer:”Anno 1800″”Lion of the Lions” DLC is included in the second quarter pass. The content of the pass includes three new DLCs released in 2020, as well as some additional decorations .


Claiming that China’s new crown death toll was faked and that the virus came from a Chinese laboratory… This so-called rumors-making media caused concerns among foreign people

On September 14, Mr. Wu Xie once introduced to you the video posted by American video blogger Cyrus Jensen through his channel on Youtube, telling him about the so-called”Falungong” mouthpiece, The Epoch Times, the so-called newspaper the opinion of. He said in the video that”this newspaper is rubbish”, is very hostile to China, and does his best to spread rumors and smear things, and remind readers,”If you really want to understand China today, it is not a credible source.” .


How will our universe die?

For a period of time in the distant future, black holes will become the only form of matter in the universe. The Big Freeze:How the universe will die.