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“New Fashion” on the Black Land: Jilin “Farmer Internet Celebrity” Helps Rural Rejuvenation

Wang Xiulan is live broadcast Photo by Li Dan

China News Service, Changchun, September 9th (Li Dan) “Welcome to the live broadcast room, I am now at the Changchun Agricultural Expo. If you want to know, you can tell me, and I will take you to take a look! “Outside Exhibition Hall 3 of the Changchun Agricultural Expo, 54-year-old peasant anchor Wang Xiulan was wearing a northeastern floral blouse. She held a selfie stick and enthusiastically greeted the audience outside the screen.


The vicissitudes of a “reservoir immigrant village” in southern Fujian: Taiwan’s fine seed base has settled down

   China News Service, Zhangzhou, August 29 (Reporter Zhang Jinchuan) In Pingpu Village, Longshan Town, Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, an 80 acres of Taiwanese fine seed base is thriving. When a reporter from Chinanews.com walked into the base, they saw that the workers were busy breeding good varieties such as peppers, rapeseed, and Chinese cabbage.


Modi is still silent? Angry farmers demolished 1,500 signal towers, and Asia’s richest man suffered heavy losses

Indian farmer protesters have been blocking the highway around the capital Delhi for a month in the cold wind. Since the arrival of the winter cold wave in mid-December, dozens of protesting farmers died due to the cold, and some protesters threatened to commit suicide. There have been several cases of taking poison and shooting themselves. The successive deaths of farmers cast a big shadow over this protest.


India is facing an unprecedented crisis, or will it follow in the footsteps of the Soviet Union? Indian officials:not alarmist

Due to the promulgation of India’s new agricultural decree, it was facing an unprecedented crisis. Hundreds of thousands of farmers angrily filed complaints against the government. The current situation in India is very chaotic. Many people think that it may be divided, and India may follow the Soviet Union. Indian officials said:the disintegration is very likely to happen, not alarmist.


Hundreds of thousands of peasants broke into the capital, but there is the shadow of the United States behind them? Modi:I’m sad

A few days ago, farmers in India held a large-scale protest march. The location of the protest march was in New Delhi, the capital of India. According to reports, there were as many as 300,000 people in this parade, most of whom were farmers from all over the country. Regardless of the distance, these farmers flocked to the capital, New Delhi. The demonstrators can be seen on the streets, railway stations and highways of New Delhi, the capital of India.


1 kg of cauliflower costs 9 cents! Modi’s extreme operation deceives too much, and Indian farmers have reached their limit

According to a report from Global.com, a farmer drove a tractor to eradicate cauliflower that he had grown in Samastipur, Bihar, India, because these cauliflowers could only be sold for 1 rupees per kilogram, or about 9 yuan. The price of cents. According to Indian media reports, the farmer planted 8 to 10 acres of land. The farmer claimed that he did this to reduce losses, and that the profit from selling to the market was not even enough to offset the planting expenses.


Mass riots in India! Thousands of farmers flocked to the capital, high-ranking Indian officials:this is a Chinese conspiracy

The Indian government drastically passed three new farm bills at the end of September. Since then, farmers across the country have been protested, and the protests have intensified. Thousands of Indian farmers have flocked to the capital New Delhi from all over. New Delhi TV said it was the largest farmer protest in years. On this occasion, senior Indian officials stated that behind the peasants’ protests are “conspiracies” by China and Pakistan.