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Observation under the popularity of “Li Huanying” of the Golden Rooster Award: “women’s expression is still not enough”

Beijing, Xiamen, December 30 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) at the 2021 China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival being held in Xiamen, many people in the film and television industry praised “Li Huanying” for bringing a good trend to China’s film and television industry, and also expressed their behind observation: “women’s expression is still not enough”.


Xu Zheng on the new film Love Myth: there should not be only blockbusters in the market

Beijing, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) on December 21, the film “love myth” held a special screening of “life is full, and wheat has the most love at the end of the year” in Beijing. Supervised and starred Xu Zheng, screenwriter and director Shao Yihui, starred Ma Yili, Wu Yue, Ni Hongjie and Zhou yemang, especially Huang Minghao and Wang yinglu, appeared together to share their creative feelings.


Women’s psychology

“You have a good vision. This is the color that is recognized to be popular soon. A figure like you is no longer suitable.” Hearing these words, women will fall into the trap almost without exception.


The worst consequences of the earth’s warming

According to scientists, once the earth’s temperature exceeds the normal value, the male and female sex of organisms will be reversed! At present, both humans and other organisms have this tendency of rapid transformation.


Female suspense topic drama “Jiang Zhao Liming” starts Ma Sichun partner Bai Ke

China News Service, May 17th. Recently, directed by Niu Chao and Wang Taotao, written by Huang Fen and Cao Xiaotian, Tang Fan and Ge Jinsong as chief producers, and starring Ma Sichun, Bai Ke and Liu Kai, 12 episodes of realist female suspense The opening ceremony of the topic drama “Jiang Zhao Liming” was held. On the same day, producers Chen Xixiao and Xu Xiaoyun brought a group of leading actors to the scene to share their original intentions and ideas for the creation of the drama.