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Sichuan Yajiang: Forest fires triggered by lightning strikes, rescue work is underway

China News Service, Chengdu, May 4 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned on the 4th from the “5·02” Forest Fire Emergency Fighting Headquarters in Malangcuo Town, Yajiang County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, that Yajiang Malangcuo Town “5· 02” There are open flames on the southeast and northwest lines of the forest fire site. Visual inspection of the fire line is about 1.5 kilometers. There are many fire and smoke points in the burned area, and the fire fighting is in full swing.


Forest fire in Jiulong County, Sichuan: Villagers sent butter tea and donated materials to support the frontline of fire fighting

China News Service, Chengdu, April 13 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The Forest and Grassland Fire Fighting Headquarters Office of Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province revealed on the 13th that in order to put out fires as soon as possible, local villagers took various measures to support the front lines of fire fighting and contribute themselves to the early extinguishment of fires. the power of. At present, the fire intensity of the fire site is relatively weak. There are more smoke points on the northern line of the fire site, and scattered smoke points on the southern and western lines.


As long as the people need it, we can go out at any time at any time-remember a brigade of the Air Force Aviation in the Northern Theater

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang, October 30th. Title:As long as the people need it, we will always listen to the order to go on the expedition-remember a brigade of the Air Force Aviation in the Northern Theater. Recently, when a brigade of the Air Force Air Force in the northern theater was co-constructed in the military and civilian areas, it dispatched special forces to assist the local people in clearing out many difficult and difficult sanitary corners. It was widely praised and the resident government sent a pennant to express its thanks.


Wildfire approaching Arcadia, Los Angeles

On the evening of September 13, the rescue vehicle went to the mountains near Arcadia in the United States to participate in the fire fighting operation. Due to the raging wildfires, on September 13, some residents of Arcadia, Los Angeles County and other places near the fire site were asked to evacuate their homes.