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America suddenly!”Emergency evacuation of 6000 people”

The fire near Yosemite National Park in the United States has led to the emergency evacuation of 6000 people. On July 23 local time, according to the data of the California forestry and fire department, as of the morning of that day, the fire area near Yosemite National Park in the United States had expanded to 10.2 square miles. The fire had destroyed 10 buildings, another 5 buildings were damaged, and more than 2000 buildings were threatened.


London announces”major event” status

According to Reuters, the fire department declared the situation in London as a”major event” on the 19th to remind the public to respond to the rare hot weather in Europe and the surge of fires in London, UK.


The US Army frequently provokes, why does our army not fire? Involving two major reasons, how can China break the situation

A few days ago, China made a strong statement, saying that the Taiwan Strait is not the so-called”international waters” in the mouth of the United States, but the waters under China’s jurisdiction. In fact, according to international practice, in the face of the illegal intrusion of American ships and aircraft, we can directly fire to protect our rights and interests.