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Wildfires in California are spreading! Long queues of evacuation vehicles shrouded in smoke at a resort

China News Service, September 1 reported that on August 31, local time, California fire officials said that the Kaldor fire continued to spread, causing at least 5 injuries, burning down hundreds of buildings, and continuing to spread to the famous In the resort of Lake Tahoe, the scenic area was shrouded in dense smoke, and residents of nearby communities had to step up their evacuation.


The forest fires in the Mediterranean countries have not yet gone out. The next disaster is just around the corner? (picture)

   Chinanews, August 8 According to a report from the European Times on the 7th, forest fires in countries along the Mediterranean coast such as Turkey and Greece are still raging, and many people have been killed and injured. However, the analysis said that the fire may worsen. Experts also warned that the next disaster is likely to be close at hand.


The hill fire in Athens, Greece is initially under control, the prime minister expresses his gratitude to the firefighters

   Chinanews, August 5 According to the Greek “China Greek Times” report, on August 3, local time, a forest fire broke out near the outskirts of Walibobi in the northern part of the Greek capital of Athens. According to expert estimates, the fire affected residential areas and forest areas, and the affected area has reached 30 square kilometers. The nearby areas have been affected by the fire and have declared a state of emergency.