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LianBo + digital reading low carbon Winter Olympics lights up Beijing’s lights with Zhang Bei’s wind

On October 27, the news broadcast said that the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference and issued the white paper on China’s policies and actions to deal with climate change. The white paper points out that China unswervingly follows the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development and is committed to integrating the concept of green development into all aspects and the whole process of economic construction.


BOE High-tech Fair show”muscle”, jump out of the panel category, enter the 5G Internet of Things

Through the target detection technology, it can automatically identify the visitors coming and going, the use of super-resolution technology to make an old photo”renew”, based on the deep learning technology to make people write on the touch screen more smooth and beautiful…This is BOE’s high Innovative solutions of artificial intelligence technology displayed at the fair.