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You can play at home! Shanghai 89-year-old “inventor grandpa” builds a football house

   China News Online, March 24th (Wang Wang and Xu Weichen) Recently, the topic of sports reform in the entrance examination for high school and college has once again aroused heated discussion. “Let children fall in love with sports, cultivate lifelong athletes, promote sports for all…” The society is paying more and more attention to sports, and there are more and more ways to do it. Recently in Shanghai, an 89-year-old “inventor grandpa” built a football house where he can play football at home.


Chen Xuyuan: Confident in qualifying for the top 40 of the National Football Team, responding to Suning TEDA’s withdrawal

   Chinanews Client, Beijing, March 20th (Reporter Wang Sishuo) As winter goes to spring, Chinese football is going through another slightly quiet offseason. The new season of the Chinese Super League is approaching, and the national team, which has been away from the international arena for a long time, is about to prepare for the four games after the top forty games. At this moment, people may have their own expectations and doubts in their hearts. On the evening of the 19th, Bai Yansong asked the Chinese Football Association Chairman Chen Xuyuan continuously on the live broadcast on behalf of the fans, and the latter’s response reflected the current appearance of Chinese football.


Shenhua Women’s Football Team Xiong Xi’s father Guan Xuan’s daughter retires:she doesn’t want to be a player anymore

Live broadcast, January 28. Shenhua female football player Xiong Xi’s father took photos in the circle of friends, and the official announced his daughter’s retirement. Xiong Xi was born in 1999. She was sent by her father Xiong Weixin to a football interest class set up by Zhao Dayu, a famous football player in Guangzhou, to learn football. Later, she was transferred to a traditional football school in Guangzhou, Houyuan Street Primary School, and then joined the Guangdong U18 Women’s Football Team. . She later joined the Shenhua Women’s Football Team.


Talking about coach training:not only the apprentice, but also the master

“The definition of an elite player depends on the extent to which he exerts his tactical effectiveness.””Efficacy is the key quality of elite football players. This concept is the most important thing in youth training.” During winter training, he went south with the team. Luneng Youth Training Technical Director Simon will regularly organize coaches to hold technical meetings.


By-products of grassroots football

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 27th. Title:A by-product of grassroots football. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Bangjie, Xiao Shiyao and Zhang Yizhi. In the mid-winter season in the North, the land of southern Fujian is green. As night fell, the lights were lit in the Wurong Park built along the river crossing the city in Nan’an. A group of children in uniform dark blue jerseys were playing football. There are two coaches, a man and a woman, taking the children to train.


“My idol is Sun Wen”-a young football player’s development

Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, January 27th, title:”My idol is Sun Wen”-a young football player’s development. Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Jiewen, Huang Haoran, and Xiong Jialin’s sunset lighted up the youth football training base in Dingnan County, Jiangxi Province. The youth football team members selected from the primary and secondary school teams in Dingnan County receive free professional training here. Zhong Yutao, a student of Dingnan County No. 3 Primary School, is one of them.