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Ge Zhen, Gao Lin, and Wang Yongpo appeared in the official photo of Shenzhen city theme

Live broadcast on July 7th. The official website of ShenZhou released a group of pictures today. Three players Ge Zhen, Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo appeared in the film, shooting the city theme photo of [Shenzhen City and Football] for Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Last week, Wang Yongpo posted a group photo on social media, and he and Gao Lin & Ge Zhen in the photo collectively called the”100-year-old group.”


Secret:There is a story behind the equity transfer of the Luneng Club. Has the exit of the Chinese Super League State-owned Enterprise been opened?

Last week there was a major event in Chinese football. State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company transferred 40%of the equity of football and table tennis clubs to Jinan Cultural Tourism for free, and Jinan Cultural Tourism became a major shareholder of Luneng Club. Note that it is free. If you don’t want a penny, it seems a bit of a story. After Shandong Electric Power took over Shandong Football, Luneng Club was established in 1998 and has been in existence for more than 22 years.


15-year-old overseas goalkeeper:hope to get his first professional contract in Spain

Although the focus of studying abroad is to learn football professional skills, language is the foundation, including in the team and coaches, players, in the club and the staff, in the host family and the landlord, and the communication with these people are inseparable Language, and to understand and be familiar with the local culture in daily life, it is impossible to achieve without language.


Former players and coach Qi Zan Evergrande new stadium:This move is too good

Recently, the construction of Evergrande’s new stadium has once again attracted the attention of fans, and has also become a hot topic of discussion among football circles. Players such as Feng Xiaoting and Li Shuai who played for Guangzhou Evergrande and coaches such as Fu Bo and Hao Wei gave their praise The old club is generous in building professional football pitches.