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Football-La Liga:Barcelona wins the Spaniard

Football-La Liga:Barcelona wins the Spaniards. On July 8th, Barcelona player Roberto and Spaniard player Didak scrambled. On the same day, in the 35th round of the Spanish Football League in the 2019-2020 season, Barcelona defeated the Spanish team 1-0 at home.


Ge Zhen, Gao Lin, and Wang Yongpo appeared in the official photo of Shenzhen city theme

Live broadcast on July 7th. The official website of ShenZhou released a group of pictures today. Three players Ge Zhen, Gao Lin and Wang Yongpo appeared in the film, shooting the city theme photo of [Shenzhen City and Football] for Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Last week, Wang Yongpo posted a group photo on social media, and he and Gao Lin & Ge Zhen in the photo collectively called the”100-year-old group.”