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Interview with Douyin Beauty Net Red:Like Neymar, tinted glasses can’t avoid

Xu Jiaqi is a well-known Douyin celebrity. Her Douyin account”Neymar” has tens of thousands of followers and received more than 200,000 likes. Jiao’s good figure, appearance, and love for football, she is definitely a”football goddess” in the trendy words of the moment. But in Xu Jiaqi’s view,”Neymar” is just a role in her virtual world.


Fixed board and lodging training, closed management, the designated hotel rooms of the Super League team in Suzhou are full

In the new season, the Super League Group B games will start in Suzhou. At that time, the Suzhou Sports Center, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center and Kunshan Sports Center will serve as the venues for the Suzhou Division. The Suzhou Taihu Football Sports Center and the Taimei Xiangguli Hotel will serve as the Group B. The residences of the eight Chinese Super League teams are managed in a closed manner with reference to the”Olympic Village” model.


Wei Shihao:Don’t envy Nou Camp, water the lotus crown with more champions! The ultimate solution to conquer fame

Wei Shihao of Evergrande Stadium said that he no longer needs to envy Nou Camp and will use the champion to water the”lotus crown” in the future. Reporter Li Xuan said that he looked forward to seeing the Evergrande football stadium after the stadium was completed.”It’s really good to see this new stadium of Evergrande. The previous construction plan has caused a lot of controversy, but it is actually just a concept. Today, this lotus crown has a sense of technology and modernity.


The Bundesliga team Menxing held a public welfare live broadcast to help the development of Chinese youth football

China News Service, Beijing, July 3rd The Bundesliga team Mönchengladbach held the first football public welfare live broadcast in China on the 3rd, and broadcasted to the grassroots football teams and youth training in need of football equipment across China. The base and other related projects provided 1,000 jerseys to help the development of Chinese youth football.


Shandong Luneng became Jinan Taishan? State-owned enterprises are no longer the backers of Chinese football

The equity reform of Shandong Luneng Club kicked off, and Jinan Cultural Brigade gradually took over the team. After Beijing Guoan, another state-owned enterprise began to withdraw from professional football. Under the background of the big policy, the trend of separating the”side business” of state-owned enterprises is unstoppable. The team began to discuss, later called Shandong Luneng Taishan, or Jinan Taishan. Obviously these are issues that management must pay attention to. At that time, Greenland Group took the lead and forcibly went to Shenhua, which caused fans to turn back!


Two of the most incredible empty goals in Chinese football

Football is not a one-person game. When the football kicked into the opponent’s goal, the team’s efforts were not in vain, but there were always some empty goal that would happen every 100 years. It’s unbelievable, a video to understand the Chinese national name players Close the door.