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For that solemn oath

For that solemn oath. You advance and retreat with the great motherland. Loyalty to the party is your soul. The safety of people’s lives and property.”People’s public security for the people”


Crisis escalation! US interest rate hike exceeded expectations! China’s economy also faces four major problems? How to deal with it?

As we all know, in the past few years, the way for the United States to deal with the economic difficulties caused by the epidemic is to issue more money and distribute relief funds to the whole people. Although this way to maintain economic vitality has protected the U.S. economy and has not fallen significantly in the past few years, the problem also follows, that is, the largest inflation in decades.


I’m fine in a foreign country

For those who wander away, it is a belief to go home for the new year. But there are some people who can’t embark on the journey back home. In the face of the inquiries of their elders and the concerns of their relatives and friends, they always smile and say – I’m fine in another country.


Micro video丨hero goes home

   Over the past 70 years, we have never forgotten the martyrs who died heroically in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. More than 197,000 heroic sons and daughters gave their precious lives for the motherland, for the people, and for peace. The achievements of the martyrs shine through the ages, and the fame of the martyrs will last forever!


Adults, willing to bet

I believe that most people have loved someone deeply. I know there is no result, but I will do my best to choose him desperately, and in the end I am scarred…


Chang’e-5 search and recovery team wore exoskeleton and trek in the snow

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The strange thing is that the team members wearing exoskeletons are not meant to help with difficult mountaineering tasks.