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At the best age, don’t forget to stick to these 9 things

Goodbye 2020 [At the best age, don’t forget to stick to these 9 things] During the struggle, don’t give up lightly; get along with others, don’t think too much; when you’re alone, don’t think about it; when you act, don’t set limits on yourself… Success is just a little more persistence when you want to give up, and failure often means a little bit less tenacity when you want to persist. Nine things worth persisting will only be accumulated over time. good Morning.


Boys:Will your girlfriend ask you to do this?

I hope that after the freshness is over, you can tell me that we can talk about it, because I really love you and don’t want you to leave me. You should understand all of these. I have said it many times before. When we all want to give up, we think about it for ourselves-think about how difficult it was to be together at the beginning. We have persisted for so long, and we can’t just give up and give up, so you must know how much I love you. This is not just talking about it. If you leave me, I will be alone. We have to be well. I will accompany you no matter any roughness!


Break away:A person truly becomes awesome, starting from being willing to give up these things

To be sure, the social pressure is high nowadays, and everyone is living a very tired life, especially if they have a family, their responsibilities are even heavier. When you have conflicts or conflicts with others, as long as it is not a major issue of principle, you can completely abandon your eagerness to compete, and even bow down to the wind. This may turn fighting into a jade and avoid losing both sides.


To love someone who doesn’t give up on you

Some people say that it’s like having a serious illness, and it’s hard to be happy again after the illness. I want to send you a passage I like recently:”I hope that the person who loves you in the future will not make you cry, will not make you wronged, and will not give up on you, grow up with you, to respond to you, to Know how to protect you, and love you very much.