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The 25-year-old”first beautiful legged car model” shows off a curvy figure in a cheongsam, netizens:too enviable

The 25-year-old”first beautiful leg car model” wore a cheongsam with a curvy figure. Netizens:It’s too enviable. Today in the editor, the protagonist introduced by you is a beautiful car model, and she has not graduated from university, she is still a female university student, 25 years old this year, looks very sweet, and the appearance is very high, often by some Well-known brand car dealers are invited to make car models.


Princess Yushu Bai Bing really dare to wear, exposed navel tights show vest line, bodybuilding really does not look like 34 years old

Recently, Bai Bing, who participated in the big and hot program”Sister on the Wind and the Waves”, has won the love of many audience friends. The cheerful and generous image makes people fall in love with this gentle and optimistic young lady at a glance. Bai Bing is not only a character that is lovable, Coupled with a tall figure and a brilliant outfit, it left a deep impression on many people’s hearts. After becoming a mother, Bai Bing looks still the same young and gentle little girl.


Why don’t female stars wear short skirts on the show? Seeing Ju Jingyi’s sitting position, even the director can’t save the scene

In fact, such a situation should be covered with a blanket. After all, there are many cameras on the variety show, and covering the legs will be safer, and the sitting position does not need to be so restrictive. I have to say that the female star It’s really not easy. As a public figure, you must always maintain your perfect image. Care and caution are necessary. Everyone is more tolerant. No one is perfect, and it is impossible for a star to be all-round.