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After entering interstellar space, Voyager discovered a strange phenomenon:the density of space is getting higher and higher

As the farthest man-made object from the earth, Voyager 1 can be said to have attracted much attention, and its”twin brother”-Voyager 2, seems to be left out. In fact, this kind of”treatment” is not fair to Voyager 2, because after Voyager 1″visited” Saturn, it left the ecliptic and flew straight to the outer solar system, while Voyager 2 It continued to”visit” Uranus and Neptune. Relatively speaking, its contribution should be greater than that of Voyager 1.


Why do scientists suspect that the solar system was designed?

The solar system is a planetary system bounded by the gravity of the sun, including 8 planets including water, gold, earth, fire, wood, and earth, as well as at least 173 known satellites, 5 dwarf planets that have been identified, plus Hundreds of millions of small solar system objects and Halley’s comet.