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Is there really life on Mars? NASA Curiosity photographed a”fire”, scientist:the photo is true

Everyone knows that Mars is one of the most explored planets of human beings today, and the United States is one of the most explored countries on Mars. You can often see their Mars rover release some satellite photos, but among these photos, it also triggered After a lot of people’s hot discussions, that is, in a few of the photos, there are some”abnormal points” that make everyone hotly discussed. After basically seeing them, there will be a certain relationship with extraterrestrial life, but in the end.


The earth’s climate has changed? Following the 38°C temperature in the Arctic Circle, my country’s climate is abnormal again

A scientific report pointed out that 2020 is the hottest year in the history of the earth. According to the scientists’ monitoring of the earth’s climate in recent years, the earth’s climate is constantly rising. Data show that the average temperature of our earth is now higher than that before the industrial revolution. The average temperature has risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius, but the earth’s temperature is still in a rising trend, these phenomena are not a good thing.


The second human civilization will appear on the earth? Panamanian monkeys enter the Stone Age, scientists are worried

The second human civilization will appear on the earth? Scientists are worried about the panama monkeys entering the stone age. Scientists are wondering why 4.6 billion years after the birth of the earth, evolved air and water, evolved various land and sea, and appeared a rich living environment. The unknown of human beings limits the imagination of human beings, maybe we are the first Countless generations of civilization, but because the previous civilization has disappeared, there is no trace of existence.