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An accident in the Antarctic, the largest iceberg on earth, A68, is about to break free from the Antarctic.

As we all know, Antarctica preserves the most extensive glaciers on the earth. Once these glaciers melt, it will cause irreversible changes to the global sea level. However, some scientists have warned that the largest iceberg on the planet-A68 is about to break free from the shackles of the Antarctic continent, drift into the sea along the ocean currents, and finally melt completely!


An iceberg approaches British South Georgia, threatening the survival of wildlife on the island

China News Service, November 6 According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chinese website on the 5th, a giant iceberg is drifting towards South Georgia, a British overseas territory. If a collision occurs, it will pose a serious threat to local wildlife such as penguins and seals. According to reports, the iceberg is named A68a, which broke away from the Antarctic continent in July 2017 and is about the same size as South Georgia.


Silence to the end

Break up and silence to the end. Turned into an iceberg. Attacking you and me coldly.