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Abuse, sexual assault… Survivors of Canadian aboriginal boarding school tell about nightmare experiences

Xinhua News Agency, Ottawa, July 23. Schools are supposed to be a place for youth to dream of dreams, and more and more evidence shows that Canadian aboriginal boarding schools have become a “lifelong nightmare” for a large number of aboriginals-in the past two months, Canada A total of more than 1,000 unmarked tombs were discovered near the sites of four aboriginal boarding schools. The youngest of the dead was only 3 years old.


Shocking! 751 unmarked graves found in Canada, Trudeau apologizes

China News Service, June 26. Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 24th local time, an aboriginal organization in Canada announced that they had found 751 unmarked graves on the site of an aboriginal school in Saskatchewan. . In response, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement, saying that he felt “very sad” and apologized to the indigenous people.


Foreign media:Australia revises the lyrics of the national anthem to reflect indigenous history

According to Reuters news on January 1, Australia revised the lyrics of the national anthem to remove the words describing the country’s”young freedom” to recognize the aboriginal people as the oldest continuing civilization on this land. According to the report, the changes to the lyrics will take effect on January 1, 2021. Australian Prime Minister Morrison said:”We live in the eternal land of ancient aborigines. We have gathered stories of more than 300 ethnic origins and language groups.