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Iranian parliament begins to discuss nominations for cabinet

   Chinanews, August 22. According to foreign media reports, the Iranian parliament held a meeting on the 21st to discuss the cabinet nomination. Iranian President Leahy made a speech, saying that the new government will give priority to fighting the new crown epidemic and speeding up vaccination.


Iranian President: If Biden follows Trump’s old ways, he is betraying the American people

China News Service, July 1st. According to the Iranian National News Agency (IRNA), on June 30, Iranian President Rouhani stated at a cabinet meeting that if US President Biden follows the old path of his predecessor Trump, it means he has betrayed. The vote of the American people in the general election. According to reports, during Trump’s tenure, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iran.


Cold knowledge of the country you are interested in-Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran, referred to as Iran, is located in West Asia and is a Middle Eastern country. It borders Pakistan and Afghanistan to the east, Turkmenistan to the east, Azerbaijan and Armenia to the northwest, Turkey and Iraq to the west, and the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf to the south. The Arabian Sea has a land area of ​​approximately 1.645 million square kilometers, ranking 17th in the world and a population of approximately 82 million. The last one I really didn’t expect… 1.


Iran shouts to the United States after increasing enriched uranium abundance: there is not much time to return to the agreement

   China News Service, April 15 According to the Iranian National News Agency, Iran warned the United States on April 14 that the time for resuming the 2015 nuclear agreement “is running out.” Earlier, a major Iranian nuclear facility was attacked, and then it was announced that the abundance of enriched uranium would be increased to 60%, claiming that Israel was the “behind the scenes” of the attack. This was a response to Israel’s “nuclear terrorist attack”.


The destruction of nuclear facilities, Iran points at Israel: revenge

China News Service, April 12th. Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 12th that Iran’s national television station quoted Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif as saying that Israel is responsible for the destruction of the Natanz nuclear facility on Sunday, and Iran will Retaliation for this.


Iran’s new centrifuge injects uranium gas, the president says nuclear technology is developing steadily

   Chinanews, April 11th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 10th local time, Iran held an online commemorative event for its nuclear technology day. Iranian President Rouhani issued an order through a video link to inject uranium gas into 164 IR-6 centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear facility, and at the same time to inject the first stage gas into 30 IR-6S centrifuges. On the other hand, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif stated that the United States should take the lead in fulfilling the Iran nuclear agreement in its entirety, and Iran will also fulfill its agreement in its entirety after quick verification. This is the “logical path” to return to the Iranian nuclear agreement.


China and Russia join forces to support Iran! China, Russia and Iran strengthen cooperation and jointly leverage the foundation of U.S. hegemony

In the past few years, although China and Russia have been repeatedly suppressed by U.S. sanctions, the two countries can still see tricks by virtue of their strong strength. However, Iran, which is also suppressed by the United States, is different. Due to its limited national strength, Iran is not only It has been completely blocked by the United States in the economic field and isolated by the United States in terms of politics and diplomacy. In addition, the United States has also used military means to carry out targeted”assassinations” of senior Iranian leaders.