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Japan and Iran qualified hand in hand, New Zealand was cold, Lebanon advanced strongly, and the men’s basketball Asian Cup was updated

The men’s basketball team Asian Cup ended the second round of the group match. In group C, Iran defeated Kazakhstan 96-60, won both wars and qualified in advance. Japan defeated Syria 117-56 and advanced together with Iran. They will compete for the first place in Group D. Lebanon attacked New Zealand 86-72 and landed smoothly. The Philippines defeated India 101-59.


After Iran confirms to join SCO, it will send a”big gift” to Russia or provide hundreds of drones

Iran has applied to join the SCO before, and finally can officially join this year. The SCO was announced by China, Russia and four Central Asian countries in Shanghai in 2001. It is committed to cooperating with Member States in politics, security, economy and other aspects, and maintaining regional peace and stability in economic and trade relations. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a model of cooperation between different political systems and countries.


The new Pearl Harbor incident may occur after Iran announced the change of national currency and plans to airlift cash from Germany

According to the data released by the Central Bank of Iran on May 4, the Iranian economy grew by 5.7%in the quarter to the end of March, and the GDP has reached 3510 trillion Riyals, higher than the 3320 trillion Riyals reported in the previous quarter. According to the Central Bank of Iran, the net foreign assets held by Iran increased by 36.9%to 5378.9 trillion Riyals in an Iranian fiscal year to the end of March.


Favorite clean country – Iran

Which country people like to be clean most, especially in Asia. You will think of Japan wherever you think, right? I can’t wait to lift the toilet covers of Japan one by one. How advanced and clean they are.