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Famous Netherlands:If De Licht is present, Juventus will not be scored by Milan

The famous Dutch Kloor spoke in an interview about AC Milan’s 4-2 reversal of Juventus at home. He believes that Ibrahimovic changed the Red and Black Corps. At the same time, he also said that if Delicht is not missing, the Zebra Team will not 4 goals will be lost.”Juventus conceded three goals in six minutes. If Dericht was present, this would not have happened.


Mourning! Former Juventus youth player Giuseppe Riza died of cerebral hemorrhage at age 33

Recently, according to Goal, the former Juventus player Giuseppe Riza died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 33. Riza was a Juventus U19 echelon player. He spent most of his career caring about C, and also played a half season at Serie B Livorno. His last official game was the first round of Italy’s 14/15 season when he was Represented the hometown team USD Noto Calcio in the game.