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Another disaster hit Japan, 1.36 million people took refuge, Abe dispatched 10,000 self-defense forces to rescue

China News Service, Huayu News According to a report from Qiaowang.com, the global new crown epidemic is getting more and more serious, with a total of more than 11.56 million confirmed cases and 530,000 deaths. In addition to Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, the Fukuoka area was also hit by heavy rain. Overnight, countless people’s homes were flooded by floods, and many people were waiting for rescue on the roof of the building. According to statistics, a total of 1.36 million people in the entire Kyushu area are taking emergency refuge.


Newsletter/Muddy water poured into Kumamoto nursing home and heartbeat of 14 people stopped

Kumamoto, Kagoshima Prefecture and other places in Japan suffered record-breaking heavy rain. According to the latest statement from the Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture, the Kumagawa River is flooding, and a total of 14 people in the old care center”Qushouyuan” in the Kumamura Village crossing the heart and lungs. It is understood that the The hospital was flooded and the old man was trapped. The authorities are conducting rescue.