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Another disaster hit Japan, 1.36 million people took refuge, Abe dispatched 10,000 self-defense forces to rescue

China News Service, Huayu News According to a report from Qiaowang.com, the global new crown epidemic is getting more and more serious, with a total of more than 11.56 million confirmed cases and 530,000 deaths. In addition to Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, the Fukuoka area was also hit by heavy rain. Overnight, countless people’s homes were flooded by floods, and many people were waiting for rescue on the roof of the building. According to statistics, a total of 1.36 million people in the entire Kyushu area are taking emergency refuge.


Even worse! Neighboring country is facing another disaster, 16 people are dead and 12 are missing, residents ask the outside for help

Today, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic is still a major problem that countries cannot afford to relax. According to real-time statistics of the United States Johns Hopkins University, as of July 6, Beijing time, around 6:30, the number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia exceeded 1136 10,000 cases, with a total of more than 530,000 deaths, of which the United States is still the most severely affected country. The total number of new deaths in the United States, Brazil and India is nearly 100,000 in a single day, while India has cumulatively diagnosed more than 690,000 cases, surpassing Russia’s ranking in the world. Three places behind the United States and Brazil.