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Chinese company wins the Indian high-speed rail tunnel project, Indian netizens are angry:don’t give money after completion

According to Indian media reports, a Chinese company, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., has just won the bid for the underground tunnel project of the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) Delhi-Meerut high-speed railway. Indian netizens are quite disappointed. According to reports, the National Capital Region Transportation Corporation of India (NCRTC) announced on the evening of January 3 that Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. won 5.


Golat enters the registration list

The Evergrande Club quickly adjusted the list for the AFC Champions League and temporarily put Goolat, who returned on loan, into the list of 27 applicants. In this way, the four foreign aids of Evergrande in the AFC Champions League have become Golat, Talisca, Jiang Guangta, and Park Zhisu.


Gao Lat:Naturalization of China has the opportunity to participate in the World Cup

In an interview with Brazilian media, Guangzhou Evergrande foreign aid Gao Lat said that naturalization in China gives him the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. For this decision, Gao Lat said:”I have the opportunity to naturalize in China and join the Chinese national team, I have no hesitation, because it can help me realize the dream of participating in the World Cup.


Gao Lat Sun Hengda new stadium map:This is the top level venue

Guangzhou Evergrande player Gao Lat posted the renderings of Guangzhou Evergrande’s new stadium on social media and said:“This is a top-level venue.” Evergrande has previously released a new plan for the stadium design, although it is still based on Lotus As a design inspiration, but from a visual point of view, it is more design and modern.


The national football team is overshadowed by the World Cup! There are three people outside of Gaurat who encounter difficulties

At present, there are two most attractive news in Chinese football. One is that the Chinese Super League is about to start, and the other is the problem of naturalization of Gorrat. Recently, news broke out that in addition to Golat, three strong foreign aid naturalization was hindered, and it is likely that they did not have the chance to play for the Chinese national team. This news made fans feel the hope of the national team to hit the World Cup again. worry.