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Over 50 platform organizations: do not provide live broadcast services for minors under 16

   Chinanews Client, Beijing, June 1 (Reporter Song Yusheng) The reporter was informed that the China Performance Industry Association Network Performance (Live Broadcast) Branch released on June 1 the “Network Performance (Live Broadcast) Industry Protection Action Initiative for Minors”. Among them, more than 50 platforms and MCN organizations have promised not to provide webcast services for minors under 16 years of age.


Report: Most Chinese webcasters earn 3000-5000 yuan a month

   Chinanews client, Beijing, May 18 (Reporter Song Yusheng) In 2020, the domestic online live broadcast industry will usher in a “trend” as the offline industry is hit by the new crown epidemic and traditional enterprises are undergoing digital transformation. What kind of people are broadcasting live under the “wind mouth”? What is the outlook for this industry?


Three cities, three hundred miles, three thousand years of cultural tourism live broadcast and set off again Yi Lijing joins

Listen to the sound of the Yellow River for thousands of years, and inherit the profound Yellow River culture. 2021 China (Zhengzhou) “Yellow River Culture Month” series of activities are being held in full swing. The second live broadcast of the “Three Cities Three Hundred and Three Thousand Years” cultural tourism will also be held in April Departure on the 24th at two o’clock in the afternoon, embark on the second golden tourist route-Heluo Journey.


Ma Jian:Duncan was not the first PF that year, so I said”who recognized that in that season”

Live Bar News, January 20, Live Bar Basketball celebrity live dialogue program”Basket”, today invited former national men’s basketball striker Ma Jian, to chat with friends about basketball. Regarding the question of”Is Duncan the No. 1 power forward in history” that was hotly discussed in the fan circle before, Ma Jian said:”When thousands of viewers are watching (live) here, what I said was taken out of context by many people. .


McGrady commented on the top five stars in NBA history:Bryant tops the list

Live Bar, December 25th NBA star Tracy McGrady recently opened a personal account on the domestic live broadcast platform and interacted with a number of sports bloggers, during which McGrady also answered many questions. When asked about the top five stars in NBA history in his mind, McGrady put Kobe in the first place, while Jordan, James, Duncan, and O’Neal ranked 2-5.


TME live dream night online concert, Dream Team fights for dreams

At 8pm on December 5th, the first rap scene since the launch of TME live, the “Dream Chasing Night Online Concert” exclusively titled by Vita Lemon Tea, sang domineeringly. The well-known rapper GAI Zhou Yan brought a dream The music label was unveiled, and the explosive rap performance set off the stage. Following multiple music genres such as pop, rock and original, TME live has unlocked new music genres, enriching its own music content, and gradually opening up offline performances, bringing more diverse music scenes to music fans Experience: The online presentation of QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, and National K Songs also made up for the regrets of more fans who were unable to visit the scene in person, and recorded the night in a way more in line with entertainment consumption in the 5G era Wonderful scene of the tide.