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Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau replaces the new LOGO

It is understood that the new LOGO of the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau, the color is inspired by the Olympic rings. The graphic is based on a pair of ice skates and a pair of snowboards, and it uses artistic techniques to evolve into the shape of the initials”H” in the pinyin of”Heilongjiang”. HLJ Sports is the abbreviation of Heilongjiang Sports, which has a visual balance in structure.


Winter Olympic champion invitation

For this live broadcast of the media, Yang Yang, Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo and other Winter Olympic champions came to Harbin Sports Academy early in the afternoon to rehearse. At the kick-off ceremony, they will be awarded the”Longjiang Ice and Snow Global Promotion Image” together with Wang Meng and Zhang Hong.”Ambassador”, participated in”Dancing with the Ice” and other programs with ice and snow as the core to jointly promote Longjiang ice and snow.


China’s first civil aviation company auction:91 bids, Longjiang Airlines 800 million yuan was auctioned

On the morning of September 30, the first airline auction in the history of China’s civil aviation came to an end, and Longjiang Airlines was successfully auctioned for 806 million yuan. According to the online bidding transaction confirmation letter, Beijing Shengda Gold Industry Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., after an open bidding, won the”Partial Value Project of Longjiang Aviation Co., Ltd. 98%Equity Equity Corresponding to the Shareholder Equity” with the highest price of 805,731,040 yuan.