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Pellet bids farewell to Luneng career

[Pellet bid farewell to Luneng’s career] After Luneng announced that Pellet had left the team, Pellet also posted a message on social platforms today to bid farewell to Luneng and Shandong fans.”Thank you for everything. It is hard to say that the wonderful experience I have experienced with you in the past few years. I will never forget all the people who helped me in this great experience. They are all great.


Leaving Luneng at the end of the season? Pellet:Wait and see first

This morning, Shandong Luneng, who finished all the tasks of the 2020 season, returned to Jinan. Some players and the team also arrived in Jinan. Enthusiastic Luneng fans came to the station to welcome the return of the championship. The team will prepare for the new 2021 season when the team rests and regroups yesterday. Luneng Taishan finally defeated his opponent after reaching the finals for three consecutive years and won the FA Cup. After the match, more than 2,000 Lumi celebrated with the team and Luneng players


what happened? General Luneng explained why he replaced the captain to win the cup, hinting that a major change has just happened

In the FA Cup final that ended on the evening of December 19, Luneng defeated Suning 2-0 to win the sixth FA Cup championship trophy in team history. However, in the awards ceremony after the game, Luneng did not let the captain Hao Junmin pick up the trophy as usual, but chose to let Liu Junshuai complete this great moment, who did not play in the final. Regarding this detail, many fans are also puzzled. After the game, Liu Junshuai gave the answer.


Shandong Luneng wins the FA Cup

Xinhua News Agency, Nanjing, December 19 (Reporter Wang Hengzhi and Yang Lei) Faced with the Chinese Super League champion Jiangsu Suning, who has no foreign aid and lack of captain Wu Xi, Shandong Luneng, which played the main force, defeated their opponents 2:0 and won the FA Cup for the sixth time. Champion, but also won the AFC qualification next season. On December 19th, Shandong Luneng Taishan team players celebrated with a cup in the award ceremony.


The U20 group replaces the U17 group. Are Luneng players of the right age ready?

According to the”Supplementary Regulations to the General Regulations of the Fourteenth Games of the People’s Republic of China” issued by the General Administration of Sports, the U17 group (2004 age group) of the 14th Games in 2021 will be adjusted to the U20 group (2001 age group). In this way, Luneng players in the 2001-2002 age group will re-take the task of conquering the National Games.


Reporter:Li Xiaopeng will supervise the Football Association Cup final. Winning the championship is Luneng’s final target for Hao Wei

Live broadcast on December 16 According to reporter Miao Yuan, senior Luneng club leaders Sun Hua and Li Xiaopeng will supervise the FA Cup final on site. The FA Cup champion is also the club’s final indicator for the assessment of coach Hao Wei. At 15:00 on December 19th, Luneng will face Suning in the FA Cup final. The club’s top executives Sun Hua and Li Xiaopeng plan to arrive at the scene to supervise the battle. The goal of the team is the championship.


Penalty 丨 Football Association Cup final, what is Suning’s chance of winning?

Source:The Rendezvous News client has no suspense. In the final semi-final of the FA Cup yesterday, Shandong Luneng defeated Wuhan Zall 1:0, thus knocking out the opponent with a total score of 6:1 and entering the final. Jiangsu Suning once again encountered Luneng in the FA Cup final. Yesterday’s game, seeing Luneng’s team in order, all foreign aids brave, the hearts of Jiangsu fans are a bit sour, very uncomfortable.