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Thousands of Australians protested the blockade in Melbourne CBD without wearing masks

   Chinanews, August 6, According to a report from Australia.com, thousands of people gathered in the CBD of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria (“Victoria”) on the evening of the 5th, to protest the latest official announcement of the sixth blockade. They did not wear masks and lit torches to create chaos. In the end, this large-scale “illegal” anti-closure protest ended with 15 arrests by the police. Some people were disappointed with the closure of Melbourne, saying that the city was “lost”.


12 new confirmed cases in Australia and Victoria, the government announces that it will enter a 7-day lockdown period

Chinanews.com, May 27. According to Australia.com, the Victorian Department of Health in Australia notified the situation of the new crown pneumonia on the 27th. In the past 24 hours, there have been 12 newly confirmed local cases in the state, and cases related to the Melbourne cluster epidemic. There are 26 cases in total. At the same time, Acting Victorian Governor Merino announced that starting at 12 o’clock in the evening on the 27th, Victoria will enter a 7-day “blocking” lockdown period.


Thousands of Australian football fans need to self-isolate

China News Service, May 26. According to “Central News Agency”, a fan who had watched a match in Melbourne, Australia, was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. Thousands of fans present at that time have been told to self-isolate and accept the new crown virus. Detection. Currently, Melbourne is struggling to avoid falling into the fate of another lockdown.


There are loopholes in the epidemic prevention at Australia First Airport. Passengers arrive in Sydney and fly directly to Melbourne without quarantine

   Chinanews, December 8th, according to a report from Australia.com, recently, Australia’s Sydney Airport caused controversy due to negligence in epidemic prevention. It is said that after two international passengers arrived in Sydney, they flew directly to Melbourne without being isolated, putting many passengers on the same flight at risk of possible infection.


AFC Champions League 2-1! The top 8 in East Asia has 7 seats, and the last 1 suspense will be announced 24 hours later

At 21:00 on December 3, Beijing time, in the final round of Group E of the AFC Champions League, Rojas and Brimo scored a goal each in 18 minutes. Huang Xianxiu scored the goal and scored. Melbourne defeated Seoul FC 2-1 and became the East Asian region. 7 promoted teams. Before this round, Guoan secured the top spot in the group ahead of schedule, while the Chiang Rai United was out early. The last spot in Group E will be between Melbourne Victory and Seoul FC.


Australia’s epidemic has improved, let’s return to Melbourne together

(Photo/Broadsheet screenshot) [Australian Netelement Pure Spirit compiles news on November 17] Victoria has no new cases of new coronary pneumonia or deaths for 18 consecutive days, marking the initial control of the epidemic. Under the impact of the epidemic, Melbourne this year missed major profit activities and caused many losses.


He was fined 240,000 yuan and suspended for 13 days

Statistics show that in the course of the game, he swung his horse whip and beat”Hu’e” 21 whips, including 13 whips during the sprint. Among them, in the final 100-meter stage, McVicky hit the”Hu’e” 8 whips in order to win the championship. The 5 whips stipulated in the competition were 3 more whips.