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Merkel left a political legacy for Germany. Can her successor “speak for” Europe?

Beijing, September 27 (Xinhua) as one of the most influential women in the world, Merkel has deeply branded Germany’s internal and foreign affairs, leading Germany to grow into a pillar of the European economy and an important force on the international stage, the BBC reported. She is also like a “stable and pragmatic manager” to guide Europe through major crises.


Scholtz or rashett? Who will steer Germany after Merkel?

Beijing, September 27 (sweet) on the 27th local time, the German federal election counting agency announced the final results of the Bundestag election. The Social Democratic Party won the Bundestag election with a vote rate of 25.7%, and the CDU / CSU ranked second with the lowest vote rate of 24.1%. So who will succeed Merkel as German Chancellor? According to German law, whoever can form a government can obtain the premier’s throne.


Uniting Europe to deal with the crisis, what diplomatic legacy did Merkel leave behind during her 16 years in power?

   China News Service, September 13 According to foreign media reports, German Chancellor Merkel is about to step down. During her 16 years in power, she has deeply imprinted German foreign policy. From the beginning, Merkel personally structured foreign policy instead of entrusting it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Germany’s global influence has increased, and at the same time, challenges in the field of international politics have also increased.