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Hundreds of people evacuated from eight-story apartment in Miami

   Chinanews, August 11, according to a report on the 10th of the US Chinese network, recently, in the northwestern part of Miami, hundreds of residents were forced to move out of the eight-story apartment building where they lived because local officials determined that the building was not safe. In fact, long before the evacuation notice was issued, the building was included in the list of unsafe buildings and it was also found that it did not comply with the local safety certification procedures.


The number of people killed in the collapsed apartment in Florida rose to 86, and a black cat survived

   China News Service, July 11th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 10th, the number of people killed in a collapsed apartment in Miami, Florida, has risen to 86, and 43 people are still missing. Search personnel found a black cat living on the ninth floor of the apartment alive near the ruined site. It is expected that the speed at which the search team finds victims will continue to increase. The focus of work on the collapsed site has also changed from search and rescue to post-disaster recovery. At the same time, the authorities began to turn more attention to accident investigation and ensuring the safety of other buildings in the area.


In tribute to the victims of the collapse of the Florida building, Miami Beach cancels Independence Day celebrations

   China News Service, June 30. According to a report by the Overseas Chinese News Network, a recent collapse of the Surfside apartment complex in Florida, USA has killed at least 12 people. To show respect to the victims and their families, nearby Miami Beach cancelled the Independence Day celebration originally scheduled for July 4. In addition, multiple pieces of evidence indicate that engineers had warned of serious problems in the building months or even years before the collapse.


About 100 people arrested for illegal gatherings in Miami Beach, U.S. weekend

Chinanews.com, March 15th. According to a report on the 14th by Chinese.com.cn, this past weekend, many people in Miami Beach, Florida, held large gatherings during the spring break. Due to violations of regulations during the epidemic, about 100 people were arrested. Arrested, two policemen were injured while dispersing the crowd.