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89 minutes lore, 2-1 reversal! Beckham won again, fans celebrate like winning

At 04:00 on October 25th, Beijing time, in the 17th game of the American League, Matuidi made an own own, Pires made a lore in 89 minutes, and the Miami International home game 2-1 reversed Orlando City and ended 2 rounds of invincibility. The 33-year-old Higuain received a red card for insulting the referee in the last round. This scene can only be a spectator for Orlando City. He is absent this time and can’t play head-on with former Manchester United star Nani.


Heavy official announcement! Beckham signs Mr. 90 million, the biggest star in team history is born

At 21:00 on September 18, Beijing time, Miami International officially announced that the 32-year-old Argentine forward Higuain was officially signed. Prior to this, Juventus had just announced the termination of the contract with Higuain.”Torino Sport” revealed that Higuain will receive 2.5 to 3 million euros in compensation. Now, Higuain officially joined Miami International as a free agent, officially bid farewell to the mainstream European league.


More than 2.8 million people are diagnosed, Americans are really afraid:men are afraid of infection, and they will push the 80-year-old elderly out of the elevator

In the face of the astonishing number of diagnoses, Americans who were still flying before were really scared and finally took it seriously. After the elevator door opened, 86-year-old Stieglitz was about to enter the elevator. Gross extended two fingers to the man who tried to enter the elevator, indicating that according to social distance regulations, this elevator can only sit two people at a time. There are already two people, Gross and his wife.