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Community Shield – the top scorer of the Red Army + score the middle box of Harland. Liverpool won the cup with a 3-1 victory over Manchester City

At 0:00 on July 31, Beijing time, the 2022 England community shield cup was contested by Premier League champions Manchester City and FA Cup champions Liverpool last season. Arnold scored with a long-range shot in the first half; In the second half, Alvarez equalized the score, Liverpool summer window Standard King Nunes created a penalty and was sent in by Salah. Nunes then scored by himself, and Harland missed an empty goal.


The national football team is making a big joke again! Zhu chenjie’s own goal headed into a dead corner, and his half-time shot was crushed 0-13

On July 20, Beijing time, the first round of the East Asia Cup Chinese men’s football team met South Korea. In the first half, the Chinese team was tired of defense. However, in the 39th minute, Captain Zhu chenjie made a major mistake when he cleared the perimeter and headed the ball into his own goal. In the half time, the national football team fell 0-1 behind and was crushed by shooting 0-13 behind.


Friendly match – Sun Xingyun assists Kane to score, lakitic makes a contribution, spurs 1-1 Sevilla

Live broadcast on July 16 – at 19:00 Beijing time on July 16, spurs played Sevilla in the friendly. In the first half, Lamela shot the center post from a long distance. In the second half, sun Xingzhi assisted Kane to score, and Rakitic leveled the score with a long-range shot. The whole game ended, with Spurs 1-1 Sevilla. This is the second game of Spurs’ trip to South Korea. They easily defeated the k-league all stars 6-3 in the friendly.