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Two”little fairies” that bewildered and enchanting appeared on the street again, with hip skirts and slim dresses of the same color.

Nowadays, fashion shows are slowly moving from the international stage to the street, from a tasteful mass international audience to street passers-by. Smart ladies treat passers-by as their own audience and the bustling and noisy city as their stage for display. Fashion reveals beauty and passersby audiences. It is our true self-trendy beauty. Sometimes fashion needs our self-appreciation, and sometimes we need our passers-by to appreciate ourselves, so that we can have a relaxed and fashionable happy mood in the atmosphere of romantic life.


These are the long legs that many beautiful women want to have

Knitted skirts are still relatively common. In spring and autumn, the appearance rate of knitted fabrics will be very high, but in the summer of the past two years, some people will still choose to wear simple knitted vests, which can also stand out well. People’s unique temperament, general knitted fabrics are more self-cultivation designs, and this girl can also feel very different temperaments.


Street aesthetics of little black pants

A match like this is very beautiful whether it is usually worn or out of the street. It is very convenient to match with any small bag. If you want to show off your big long legs, you can choose a pair of long short black pants, which is very full, and then wear a pair of flat shoes, full of fashion, with exquisite makeup, super eye-catching.