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A bit of fireflies piercing the night sky from the ruins——Experience Report of”Flying to the Moon”

In this way, flying, parkour, sneaking, driving, platform jumping, and many other elements gathered together, and everybody interpreted the NEG sketch of”lack of gameplay” in everyone’s impression into intensive points, but the experience was unsatisfactory and the degree of freedom was very limited. Action puzzle game-this is by no means yin and yang, I understand that after all,”Fly to the Moon” is just an independent game of dozens of pieces, and it is KeokeN Interactive’s debut. It can logically integrate so many elements and feel qualified. Together, it is already valuable, so don’t ask for too much freedom. Anyway, most of the time the oxygen carried by the player can only be maintained for three minutes, and there should be no leisure and fun to explore everywhere.


The Chinese astronomical discovery you are looking forward to is here! The progress of Yutu-2 breakthrough, American scientists like it

In recent days, the most discussed topic is probably the college entrance examination. When more than 10 million college entrance examination students were writing in the examination room, the Yutu-2 lunar rover of my country’s lunar exploration project also submitted a perfect answer in its own way. The Yutu-2 lunar rover successfully detached from the lander Chang’e-4 on January 3, 2019, and came to the back of the moon. This is the first time my country and the world have achieved a soft landing on the back of the moon.


Armstrong:Unbelievable! There are other spaceships here…they are watching us

Regarding the birth of the moon, there are split theories, capture theories, homology theories, collision theories, etc., and so far there is no final conclusion. Some people think that in the early stage of the formation of the solar system. The earth and the moon were originally a whole. At that time, the earth was still in a molten state. Because the earth rotates very fast, the moon splits from the crust by centrifugal force.


The boulder on the moon is moving. Scientists suspect that there is thrust behind it. No one knows what it is.

According to the”Reference News” report, scientific researchers from Germany, Switzerland and other countries have analyzed the files of more than 2 million lunar surface images for many years, and finally successfully drawn the first lunar rockfall map in human history a few days ago. , This map was also published in the journal Nature. What is a lunar falling stone map?