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Why is the story of the white snake? Love out of the circle? Listen to the creator

Chinanews entertainment, May 23 (Xinhua) on the 20th, it coincided with the first anniversary of the release of the film “Legend of the White Snake · love”. Zhujiang film group, the producer of “Legend of the White Snake · love”, and other joint stations B held an online special screening activity. The film producer sun Jinhua, director Zhang Xianfeng, starring Zeng Xiaomin, Wen Ruqing, Zhu Hongxing and Wang Yanfei, and art director Li Jinhui conducted a live connection after the screening to jointly interpret the behind the scenes production of the film, The four actors sang the lyrics in the film to show the beauty of Cantonese opera.


Xu Zheng’s film “my heart is flying” was set for February 25

On February 22, the premiere of the film “my heart is flying” was held, and it was announced that the film will be released nationwide on February 25. As the end of the “China Olympic Trilogy” series, the film “my heart soars” is inspired by the breakthrough of China’s Winter Olympic gold medal. It tells the story of Winter Olympic athletes working hard and winning glory for the country.


Series of films eight into the Spring Festival file expert: “bear haunt · return to earth” introduces “science fiction” and obtains “growth”

Beijing, January 26 (reporter Gao Kai) – the Spring Festival family fun animated film “bear haunt · return to earth” recently held an online expert seminar. Since 2014, the “bear haunt” series of films must arrive every year, and eight films have been launched in a row, of which 7 films have been released, with a cumulative box office of more than 3.2 billion yuan and a cumulative audience of nearly 100 million.


Pleasant goat and grey wolf out of the future: 37 drafts before and after script writing

Eight years later, the big movie “pleasant goat and big wolf” fought the Spring Festival again. “Pleasant goat and grey wolf out of the future” will be released on the first day of the new year. The film premiered on January 22. Director Huang Weiming and dubbing actors Zu Qing and Zhang Lin shared the film creation process with the audience through online connection.


The film “hug you through the cold winter” held a seminar to warm and present the true feelings of the world

Beijing, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) on December 21, the film “hug you through the cold winter” observation seminar hosted by China Film Review society and China Film Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Fu ruoqing, vice chairman and general manager of China Film Co., Ltd., director and chief producer of the film “hug you through the cold winter”, and many experts and scholars attended the seminar.


How do Chinese films go global? People in the industry say

Beijing, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) recently, the “path and method: enhancing the influence of Chinese culture” International Forum and the 12th annual conference hosted by the Institute of international communication of Chinese culture of Beijing Normal University were held in Beijing.