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Contrary to the trend of growth in high-frame halls, leading Chinese theaters to recover after the epidemic, future audiences will pay for “technology”

China News Service, June 15th (Li Jiajia) In 2016, when the famous director Ang Li brought a film “Billy Lynn’s Midfield War” with the most advanced technology at the time to the Chinese market, Shanghai Studios One The hall is one of the only five theaters in the world that can show the “120 frames per second, 4K resolution, 3D effect” version. The other four are in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing and Taipei.


Dou Jingtong was a little confused when she was the first heroine Wang Zhiwen: This movie “does not follow the routine”

   China News Service, June 13 (Reporter Kang Yuzhan and Xu Yin) The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival is in full swing. The film “Just an Accidental Journey” held its world premiere in Shanghai on the 12th. At the post-screening meeting that day, director Li Mengqiao appeared with the lead star Dou Jingtong, the starring He Liangliang, and the special star Wang Zhiwen and Tian Zhuangzhuang, interacting with the audience at close range.


The film “A Little Motivated” premiered in Chengdu, the main creators share creative experience

China News Service, Chengdu, June 4 (Reporter He Xi) Directed by Chen Jiashang and Zhu Xuefei, Zhang Xinzhe as the artistic director, Yan Chengxu, Ren Suxi starring, Lian Kai, Liu Yan, Qi Wei, Tong Jiawen and other co-starred in the film “A Little Motivated” “Released nationwide on June 3. On the evening of the 3rd, the film’s premiere event was held in Chengdu. Artistic director Zhang Xinzhe, director Zhu Xuefei, producer Zhou Dandan, actor Lian Kai, Tongawen, and Cao Yang, together with several key creators, appeared at the premiere and shared their creations with the audience. Experience.


Why do young people this year start to like opera?

Chinanews client, Beijing, May 23 (Reporter Ren Siyu) Cantonese opera singing, “long sleeves”, high-burning special effects, ink painting-like texture… You may not expect these images to appear in a traditional Chinese opera movie with the theme of the White Snake .


The official promotional film of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival was released. Three generations of Chinese filmmakers “confessed with affection”

   China News Online, May 14th (Wang Ji) The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival will “return” in June. In the latest official promotional film, film performance artist Tian Hua and actors Zhang Yi and Zhou Dongyu gathered in front of the camera. As outstanding representatives of Chinese film practitioners and three generations of filmmakers, they “confessed their affection” to the film: Walking with the film and looking forward to the future set off.