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Thousand-year flying cross-border “out of the circle” national tide Dunhuang “country taste” Z generation

Chinanews.com, Lanzhou, September 3 (Reporter Ding Si) From the “popular” Dunhuang dance exercises to the “Dunhuang Flying” rhythmic gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, from cultural and creative products with Dunhuang murals to “cross-border” food fields ; From the offline trip to Dunhuang to the online art exhibition… In recent years, through the integration of innovative design concepts of the times and digital technology, the millennium flying “flying out of the cave” has “out of the circle” in a more fashionable way. An upsurge of national tide cultural consumption represented by Dunhuang culture, “taste” Generation Z, let young people fall in love with Dunhuang.


The stars “cross the past and the present”, how does this evening show show the charm of the country’s tide with science and technology?

Chinanews.com, June 16 “Technology collides with the national tide, and the stars travel through the past and the present.” The “Zhejiang Satellite TV Baidu Wave Festival” is near sunset. The evening will integrate science and technology with the national tide and present the popular Chinese element programs on the stage. , Angelababy, Hu Yanbin, Luo Yunxi, Jiang Zhenyu, Fang Jinlong and many other stars integrated the national style into the performance, interpreting the charm of the national tide.


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