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Winter Olympics hundred questions | which delegation did the best in the history of the Winter Olympics?

The 24th Winter Olympic Games will start in Beijing on February 4, 2022. The sports department of chinanews.com launched a series of columns “questions about the Winter Olympics”, which aims to popularize the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, answer hot questions and share interesting ice and snow stories, so as to help everyone have a better viewing experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.


The Norwegian National Team: I believe China will host a wonderful Winter Olympics

The countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing has entered the first anniversary. The Norwegian Embassy in China recently held a celebration. The head of the Norwegian delegation for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics introduced the Norwegian national team’s preparations and expressed his views on Beijing. Expectation and confidence of the Winter Olympics.


Norway’s special military service system:do male and female soldiers live in the same room?

With the development of society, the status of women has been greatly improved, and women are now active in all walks of life, including the military. It can be said that women have perfectly elaborated the four words”courageous and careful”, like the”Female Driver” of the Liaoning Ship,”Laser Goddess” Hou Jing and so on. Countless female heroes have contributed to the cause of national defense just like men. This is also the result of the current”gender equality” system.


Norwegian capital Oslo tightens epidemic control measures

On November 6, local time, the Norwegian Broadcasting and Television Corporation reported that starting from the 10th, the Norwegian capital Oslo has tightened its epidemic control measures for a period of three weeks. It is prohibited to hold social gatherings outside private residences, except for funerals.