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Except for Yuzhou, why are there still illegal charges in many places in Henan?

   In the past two days, the Central Broadcasting Corporation Voice of China continued to pay attention to the illegal charging of “gas and heating opening fees” by some real estate developers in Yuzhou City, Henan Province. After the report was broadcast, Yuzhou City responded that it had ordered the developer to refund the illegal fees, and in the future, it will issue a normative document to solve the problem from the source.


Only 12 points in 8 rounds! Guardiola sets record for worst start of coaching career

In the early morning of November 22, Manchester City lost 0-2 away to Tottenham in the 9th round of the Premier League. After the opening 8 rounds, only 12 points were accumulated, setting a record for the worst in ten years. It was also the worst start of Guardiola’s coaching career. In the 9th round of the Premier League this weekend, Manchester City had 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses in an 8-round match with 12 points, scoring 10 goals and conceding 11 goals, ranking only 11th in the Premier League.


Scholes:Another bad start to the season, Manchester United may only be in the top four

Live broadcast on November 5th this morning, in the third round of Group H of the Champions League group stage, Manchester United lost 1-2 away to Istanbul. After the game, the Red Devils legend Scholes said in an interview that the Manchester United players are excellent, but Ben They won’t win the championship this season.”If they want to win something this season, they need to have a great start, but obviously, they didn’t.


Sub-registered new stocks dive in the market, Dahongli, Nanda Environment fell more than 10%

Financial website, August 27, today, most of the first batch of registered stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market fell at the opening. Dahongli and Jemet fell nearly 5%, and Kappel rose more than 9%. After the opening, related stocks plunged. The stock fell by more than 10%in an instant. As of press time, Dahongli and Nanda Environment have fallen by more than 10%, and Kangtai Medical has fallen by 8.54%.


Forefront丨Apple’s first water store opens, and Singapore has another check-in resort

Apple, which is busy opening an online store, has not left a physical store either. According to the verge report, the world’s first Apple Store built on water has been unveiled. This store is called Marina Bay Sands. It is located near the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. There are Merlion Park, Esplanade, Raffles nearby. Famous tourist attractions such as the landing site.