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How terrible is Pluto being kicked out of the nine planets? What’s weird about it?

When we first hear the name”Pluto”, many people will instinctively feel”a trace of coolness”. After all, the”Pluto” in the name seems to have a”murderous spirit”, which makes us easily associate with”Pluto”, a terrible place that can only be seen on TV. In fact, Pluto is really terrible, not because of how terrible its name is, but because its real environment is as terrible as Pluto.


Affected by geomagnetic storm, about 40 satellite chains of SpaceX cannot enter orbit

Beijing, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) according to the report of Russian satellite network on the 9th, the website of American space exploration technology company (SpaceX) announced that in early February, due to the rampant geomagnetic storm, about 40 “star chain” satellites of the company could not enter the orbit, “will deviate or have deviated from the orbit.”