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“You don’t need to support me, but you have to buy a house for my brother-in-law”, son-in-law:I should divorce

I have wine and tea, if you have a story, come to me. Click”Follow” above, you are my person. 01 Unless you live alone, you will inevitably live under the eyes of others. No matter how you live, you will be judged by others. If you do not act and live a bad life, you may only receive bad reviews; if you do something and live well, although you will receive good reviews, you will also have bad reviews.


Russian couple died at home suspected of food poisoning, two children spend three days with the bodies

According to a report on October 23, a Russian couple died at home. The two children thought their parents were asleep and spent three days with their parents. It is understood that because they were going to a family gathering and the couple had not come, their relatives called home to ask about the situation. As a result, the couple’s 5-year-old daughter answered the phone and said that her parents were sleeping. Taking care of his younger brother by himself, his father has turned black.


Don’t let your parents be in front of you, live carefully

There has always been a heart-wrenching saying:The greatest sadness of adults is that parents become humble in front of you. On weekends, when I took my family out to play, my father was very excited. He kept taking pictures and videos, saying he wanted to post to Moments.


Progress in the murder case of a 10-year-old girl in Dalian:the boy’s parents refused to pay compensation and were detained by justice, and the real estate is in the process of judicial auction

On October 9th, the reporter learned from Qiqi’s attorney Tian Canjun that it has been two months since the court’s sentence was pronounced, but the parents of the boy Cai XX have not taken the initiative to fulfill them. Now Cai’s parents have been detained by justice and the property is already in Judicial auction process.


I usually talk about filial piety

The strangest things always appear quietly at the most special moments. The long vacation is coming, and the circle of friends is very lively. The lively scenes of gatherings of friends, the happy journey of a family of three, each picture, there is no lack of happiness and joy.


Tomorrow and Mid-Autumn Festival:the moon is reunited, the people are reunited, the heart is reunited

When we grow up, we have crossed mountains, rivers, and seas, as well as seas of people, only to find that we are farther and farther away from home. The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called”Reunion Festival”. Therefore, family reunion is the most important topic of the Mid-Autumn Festival. 01 Parents are here, there is a place in life. The ancients often said:”My parents are here, so don’t travel far.”