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Our research team has made innovative breakthroughs in the field of optical materials

Recently, our scientific research team has made innovative breakthroughs in the field of optical material preparation:solar cells produced based on this research have higher power conversion efficiency and have achieved significant effects in reducing device attenuation, which is expected to further promote solar cells And other research and development of perovskite-based optoelectronic devices.


New perovskite film allows solar cells to achieve high efficiency

The team of Academician Huang Wei of the Institute of Advanced Materials of Nanjing University of Technology and the team of Professor Yonghua Chen and Professor Guichuan Xing of the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering of the University of Macau have reported a series of two-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper perovskites with different quantum well widths for the first time in the world Mineral thin film, and its efficient perovskite solar cell application.


Different perovskite

However, the understanding of the presence of perovskite-type silicates in the mantle was not first proposed until 1962. By the late 1970s, scientists proposed that the seismic discontinuity at about 660 km in the mantle represented a spinel structure. The phase transition from the mineral of the olivine component to the perovskite with the forsterite component.