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Big explosion in Tennessee, U.S.:Airport disconnected, flights grounded, people cry on the spot

Source:Overseas Network Site Map (Source:Twitter) Overseas Network, December 26th. On the morning of the 25th local time, a large explosion occurred in the center of Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, USA, causing many injuries and damage to many buildings. The people were scared to cry. According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), after an RV exploded at the site of the incident, the windows of a nearby building were shattered.


A lot of foam on Australian beaches, local residents running naked in heavy rain

Source:Overseas Network, Source:Associated Press Overseas Network, December 15th. The recent heavy rains in Australia caused flash floods and huge tides. A large amount of foam was rolled up on the beach. Some local residents played new tricks and spontaneously organized boating and swimming activities. , And even residents run naked.


What new ideas do you wear in early winter knitwear? Four-point matching core bag, you can easily choose the right style, which looks good no matter what

Knitwear that can be worn throughout the year has reached a small peak in the popularity index in early winter! How to wear knit sweaters with a lot of styles in this winter, which is different from the past? Li Zijun special offers a guide for wearing super-detailed sweaters for early winter, hoping that fairies can get a lot of inspiration from them to make their winter looks good-looking and advanced!


How to wear different styles of similar items in early winter? According to the division of north and south, it is correct to wear

The early winter is here, the fairies in the north have begun to spoil themselves in heated houses, and the fairies in the south are still experiencing the slight drunkenness of late summer and early autumn… The vast territory makes fairies very good at dressing in early winter. Big difference ~ How do similar items have a”shocking side” visual effect? Wear it according to the geographical division!


Is the stench spreading in many places in Japan a precursor to an earthquake? Japanese media made new discoveries against ancient books

Overseas Network, November 4th. Not long ago, the foul smell of unknown origin was repeatedly reported in Japan’s Miura Peninsula and Yokohama, causing local people to be troubled, and even saying that it is likely to be a”premonition of a major earthquake.” In response, the Japanese media also conducted investigations by interviewing experts and consulting ancient books. According to a report on the website of TV Asahi in Japan on the 3rd, there is an ancient document in Japan called”Taisho Earthquake Disaster”, which is currently in the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library.