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Affected by heavy rainfall, an inner wall of Pingyao ancient city in Shanxi Province partially collapsed

On October 7, the CCTV reporter learned from the Publicity Department of Pingyao County Party committee in Shanxi that at 6:30 a.m. on October 5, affected by heavy rainfall, part of Pingyao ancient city wall, that is, No. 84 inner wall, collapsed locally, with a length of about 25 meters. At present, no casualties have been caused. After the occurrence of the dangerous situation, the local government and cultural protection experts rushed to the site for disposal at the first time.


Hong Kong director Tsui Hark will “talk” with Jia Zhangke in Pingyao

Beijing, Taiyuan, October 1 (reporter Hu Jian) on October 1, the official news of Pingyao International Film Exhibition released that the famous film director and producer Tsui Hark will attend the fifth Pingyao International Film Exhibition as the “opening guest”, and launch a dialogue with director Jia Zhangke with the theme of “director Tsui Hark talking about Hitchcock”.


Actor Zhang Yi invested 200,000 yuan to support the new director of Pingyao International Film Festival

China News Service, Taiyuan, September 3 (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​In order to promote the growth of new Chinese directors, actor Zhang Yi will personally contribute 200,000 yuan to the directors of the finalists of the “Hidden Dragon” section of the Fifth Pingyao International Film Festival. Give cash grants to an outstanding Chinese-speaking film director to encourage and support outstanding Chinese-speaking filmmakers.


Ten directors donated millions to support outstanding Chinese films in Pingyao Film Festival

China News Service, July 15th. According to the official news of the Pingyao International Film Festival, in order to convey the spirit of film and promote the growth of young filmmakers, ten Chinese directors Cheng Er, Chen Sicheng, Diao Yinan, Feng Xiaogang, Guan Hu, Jia Zhangke, Lou Ye and Ning Hao, Wang Xiaoshuai, and Zhang Yibai (in alphabetical order of their names) will jointly donate RMB 1 million to select an outstanding Chinese-language film from the shortlisted works in the “Hidden Dragon” unit of the Fifth Pingyao Film Festival for cash funding. Help and support outstanding Chinese newcomers and new works.