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A”metal ball” reveals the”heart” of the asteroid

On October 28, a new study published in the”Journal of Planetary Science” caused heated debate. The researchers observed the asteroid called Psyche in the ultraviolet range for the first time. The ultraviolet absorption band believed to be iron oxide was observed on the planet, which means that iron oxidation has already occurred on the asteroid. Researchers speculate that this phenomenon may be caused by the solar wind hitting the asteroid table.


“The Devouring Behemoth” is coming! The ninth planet may have nowhere to hide, scientists have found clues

According to reports, for many years, scientists have been arguing about whether there is a ninth planet in the solar system. However, based on the current situation, this question may be answered in the near future, because in 2022, a The”Monster that can devour the starry sky”-the Rubin Telescope will be officially launched, which will reveal the mysterious world on the edge of the solar system for us.


Questions about the existence of 36 civilizations in the galaxy

Astrophysicists at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom came to an amazing conclusion that there are 36 civilizations in the galaxy. What’s more surprising is that they also estimated that the average distance between these civilizations is 17,000 light years. If you want to call and send a message , There will be an interaction once every 34,000 years, so there is no conclusion as to whether they are already in contact with each other. In short, if they really exist, it is certain that everyone is lonely.