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Battelle: Young players must have the spirit of hard work and no return

Battelle communicated with fans at the event. Photo courtesy of the organizer

   China News Service, Beijing, April 19th. The reporter learned from the event organizer that Chinese basketball stars Battelle and Hu Xuefeng attended a CBA star meeting held in Xuzhou on the 18th. At the event, the two recalled the story of the previous match with emotion, and raised their ardent expectations for the young players.


Japanese media: The Japanese government intends to allow Olympic athletes to be vaccinated first

   China News Service, April 8th. According to Kyodo News, an official from the Japanese government revealed on the 7th that the government has begun to explore the possibility of giving priority to the new crown vaccination for Japanese team players competing in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The currently envisaged schedule is to complete the vaccination by the end of June. It is expected to formally coordinate with the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japanese Paralympic Games in the near future.


“Marbury Training Camp” expands lineup and adds three more college players

Chinanews.com, Beijing, April 6th. The Northeast Division of the CUBA Divisional Tournament came to an end at Ocean University of China. With a wave of climax in the last half of the quarter, Tsinghua University defeated its rival Peking University with a 83:71 reversal. CUBA Northeast King. The “Marbury Training Camp” has also further expanded the lineup, and then ushered in three college players shortlisted.


How to have a stable hit rate? Zhang Qingpeng’s message to young players training like this

Zhang Qingpeng interacted with fans. Photo courtesy of the event organizer

China News Service, Beijing, March 16th. The reporter learned from the event organizer that two CBA star meetings were held in Xiamen and Nanchang on March 12th and 16th. Chinese basketball stars Battelle, Lu Xiaoming, Fan Bin and Zhang Qingpeng attended the event. . Zhang Qingpeng, who just left the field last year, sent a message to the young players that they should have the quality of hard work, “Without 100,000 shots from childhood, it is impossible to have a stable shooting percentage in the game.”


The Wuhan team members collectively called out the salary seeker as a shit-cutter

On New Year’s Eve, some of the players of the Wuhan team’s contract expired to ask for salary, which made people sigh. Afterwards, some of the players who received the bonus immediately retorted. Goalkeeper Dong Chunyu posted a circle of friends to express his gratitude to the club for its support and provided Zhang Zhuoer’s team training picture. Yao Hanlin directly referred to the salary-seekers as the shit-cutter. Liu Yun said that he was not owed salary.


Zall players Jiang Zilei and Liu Yi ask for salary:We also have to pay back the car loan and mortgage, and pay me back the hard-earned money

Live broadcast, February 11th In addition to Zhou Tong, Wuhan Zall players Liu Yi and Jiang Zilei also voiced their wages. The players said that not only did they not receive the relegation bonus, but also the wages and bonuses were in arrears. They hope the club will return the hard-earned money. Liu Yi said bluntly:”In addition to being a player, we are also a member of the family. We also need financial resources. We also need to repay car loans and mortgages, as well as family expenses.


BWF Announces First World Ranking After Restart, IELTS Mixed Doubles Top

   Chinanews client, February 3rd, BWF Beijing time on the evening of the 2nd announced the latest world rankings after the restart of the world badminton tournament. Japanese player Momota Kento and Chinese Taipei player Dai Ziying ranked first in the men’s and women’s singles separately. Among the five individual events, the Chinese team only ranked first in the world by Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong in mixed doubles.


Football-Premier League:Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur

On the same day, in the 20th round of the 2020-2021 English Premier League in London, England, Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 away. On January 28, Liverpool player Milner (left) competed with Tottenham Hotspur player Huibel. Xinhua News Agency/Ou Xin On January 28, Liverpool player Wijnaldum (left) and Tottenham Hotspur player Kane fight.


10 players, positive

The famous Brazilian football club Corinthians announced on the 27th local time that 10 players have tested positive for the new crown virus, and these players are asymptomatic patients. The club announced the list of 10 players and has suspended their training and competition. The confirmed player is currently in isolation for 10 days.


The Shanghai men’s basketball team failed to reproduce the miracle and lost to the Guangdong team

A month ago, they upset the giants Guangdong team with a 26-point advantage, which is generally regarded as the best battle of the Shanghai men’s basketball team so far this season. However, in the 35th round of yesterday’s CBA regular season and the defending champion once again,”Big Shark” was unable to repeat the miracle. In this duel, the stalemate situation only lasted until the middle of the second quarter. As the Guangdong team played a wave of offensive waves, the score difference was quickly widened to double digits.