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The biggest protest in four years, Putin finally ushered in a real opponent

After the underwear was poisoned, on January 23, a nationwide protest march with the same theme broke out in more than 80 cities in Russia, demanding the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny who was arrested at the airport after returning from Berlin a week ago. This is the first nationwide wave of organized protests in Russia since March 2017, and it is also the largest arrest in Russia since 2012.


Zoom in? Trump issued a notice:January 6th, there will be a”large protest rally” in the United States

Zoom in? Trump issued a notice:January 6th, there will be a”large-scale protest rally” in the United States. As can be seen from previous reports, even though Biden won relatively high electoral votes, he was recognized by many countries as the 46th president of the United States. . But in terms of Trump’s various actions, he has not given up the idea of ​​overthrowing the election result, and even made a lot of preparations for it.


4 people stabbed in clashes during election protests in Washington DC

Chinanews, December 14th, a comprehensive report, on the 13th local time, the police in Washington, D.C., reported that during the election protests in Washington D.C. on the evening of the 12th, supporters and opponents of President Trump clashed, resulting in 9 People were injured and sent to hospital, 4 of them were stabbed in critical condition.


Mass riots in India! Thousands of farmers flocked to the capital, high-ranking Indian officials:this is a Chinese conspiracy

The Indian government drastically passed three new farm bills at the end of September. Since then, farmers across the country have been protested, and the protests have intensified. Thousands of Indian farmers have flocked to the capital New Delhi from all over. New Delhi TV said it was the largest farmer protest in years. On this occasion, senior Indian officials stated that behind the peasants’ protests are “conspiracies” by China and Pakistan.