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During his visit to Iraq during the”chaos”, Putin’s security was revealed:escorted by a formation in the sky, with special cars and bodyguards on the ground for personal protection

On the afternoon of the 19th local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Tehran, the capital of Iran, by special plane. It is reported that after Putin’s special plane arrived, the gangway of his special plane suddenly broke down, and the airport staff took 15 minutes to solve it.


Putin:the status of the west is gained by robbing other nations

Putin pointed out that the west gives the impression that they simply cannot provide the world with a future model,”Of course, this’ Golden billion ‘is called gold for a reason. They have made a lot of achievements, but they obtained such status through ideas. To a large extent, they obtained their status by robbing other nations:in Asia and Africa, it is obvious to see how India was looted.