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Putin: Don’t politicize the traceability of the new crown virus

China News Agency, Vladivostok, September 3 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the 6th Eastern Economic Forum Plenary Session in Vladivostok on the 3rd not to trace the source of the new crown virus to politics Instead, we should fight the epidemic together.


Putin: The United States has tried to implement its own standards in Afghanistan for 20 years, but the result is zero

   China News Service, September 1 According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 1st, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Afghanistan when he met with students from the “Ocean” All-Russian Children’s Center. Putin said that in the 20 years of the US military’s mission in Afghanistan, Washington has been trying to promote its own social structure there, and the result has been zero.


Merkel will meet Putin: not just “farewell”

   German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to Moscow on the 20th to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Merkel said that this was a “farewell visit” before she stepped down as prime minister. Putin said that it is not just a “goodbye”, the two sides have a lot of “business” to discuss.


When asked about the outcome of the summit, Biden got angry in front of the camera? Russia-US relations may be difficult to bridge

   China News Service, June 18th. According to a comprehensive report, US President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on the 16th in Geneva, Switzerland. The two sides reached a limited consensus on the launch of the bilateral strategic stability dialogue between Russia and the United States, but there are still clear differences on issues such as Ukraine and human rights. After the meeting, when Biden was asked by reporters about the outcome of the summit, he was even more unhappy. In this regard, the analysis believes that it is not realistic to significantly improve Russia-US relations through this meeting.