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Foreign media attention:China-Russia Heads of State emphasizes strategic cooperation

According to a report by the South China Morning Post website in Hong Kong on July 8, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on the phone with Russian President Putin on the 8th that China is willing to work with Russia to oppose hegemonism and unilateral actions. According to reports, Xi Jinping said that the current international situation is changing rapidly, and it is necessary for China and Russia to close strategic communication and cooperation.


The former deputy minister of the Central Liaison Department talked about the revision of the Russian Constitution:What does Putin’s long-term ruling mean for China?

The author Zhou Li is the former deputy minister of the Central Liaison Department, a senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute of Finance at Renmin University of China, and the director of the China-Russia Humanities Exchange Research Center. The abridged edition of this article was published on the China Review Network on July 7. The original title was”Zhou Li Talks about the Constitution of Russia:Independent Choices Based on National Conditions”.


Don’t be blinded by Russia’s huge territory

A rumpled map of Russia has been hanging right in front of my desk for almost 10 years. I am often surprised by the strange rise of the outline of the Russian territory, but most of the cities marked above have no impression.


The constitutional amendment is overwhelmingly passed, the next president of Russia is ready, the Western world should be in a dilemma

Recently, the revision of Russia’s constitution has attracted the attention of various parties. Whether this revision is successful or not is related to the election of Russia’s next president. According to the latest news from the Observer Network on July 6, on July 1, Russia held a referendum. The main purpose of this referendum was to decide whether the amendment could be passed. On July 2, the Central Election Commission announced This time.


Russian Presidential Press Secretary:Putin sends a congratulatory message to Trump to congratulate American Independence Day

[In the news, the Russian President’s press secretary Peskov said on the 5th that Putin has sent a congratulatory message to Trump to congratulate the American Independence Day. At 19 pm local time on the 4th, the United States held an Independence Day celebration with the theme”Salute to the United States.” Trump delivered a speech at the White House.