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Ready to surpass? Curry is only 3 three-pointers away from the historical three-pointer, Miller

Live broadcast, January 24. At 10:00 today, the Warriors will compete with the Jazz. Warriors star Curry currently has a total of 2557 three points in his career, ranking third in history, and only three points away from second-ranked Reggie Miller. As long as Curry hits 4 three-pointers in today’s game, he will surpass Miller and rank second in history. The first in history is the 2973 note kept by Ray Allen.


Li Na’s change of nationality is hotly searched, and on the importance of athlete’s personality and personality

It’s another wonderful weekend, but the world tennis world will not stop because of this. Instead, the first round of this year will be opened everywhere. Looking back this week, the most important news about China’s tennis is that Li Na changed her nationality. Fortunately, after careful investigation, it was only an oolong incident, which left people empty. However, through this incident, Li Na’s influence was once again proved.


Top 500 Chinese Brand Characters:Xu Jiayin No. 15 and Li Tie No. 453

On January 6, the China Brand Alliance released the”Top 500 Chinese Brand People in 2020″. Only Li Tie in Chinese football was on the list, ranking 453. Zhong Nanshan ranked first, Ren Zhengfei and Ma Yun ranked in the top three, Zhang Wenhong ranked seventh, Huang Zheng ranked 11th, Wang Xing ranked 14th, Xu Jiayin ranked 15th, Liu Qiangdong ranked 20th, Guo Guangchang ranked 23rd, and Yan Zhi ranked 45th.


Westbrook cut triple-doubles in all 4 games, second in history

The Wizards lost 130-133 to the Bulls at home and suffered a 5-game losing streak to start the season. Russell Westbrook scored 22 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists and 5 turnovers. He has triple-doubles in all 4 games this season, second only to Oscar Robertson in history.


Premier League standings:Reds lead by 3 points, Manchester United Tottenham, Manchester City 4-6, Blues 8th, Gunners still 15th

Live it on December 28. After the 15th round of the Premier League, Liverpool drew 1-1 with West Brom and led by 3 points. Everton’s 1-0 victory over Sheffield United in this round rose to second, Leicester and Manchester United drew 2-2, and the two teams ranked third and fourth. Spurs were tied 1-1 by Wolves and ranked fifth; Manchester City defeated Newcastle 2-0 this round and rose to sixth. Vera defeated Crystal Palace 3-0 and ranked 7th in 2 rounds.


Premier League standings:Tottenham’s top 2 in the Reds, followed by the Blue Foxes, Saints, and Blues, and the Gunners 15

Live it December 14th. After the 12th round of the Premier League, BIG6 did not win this round. Tottenham Liverpool currently have 25 points together. Tottenham ranks first with a goal difference and Liverpool ranks second. In the next round, the two teams will play against each other directly. The match will be at 4 o’clock in the morning on Thursday, December 17, at Liverpool’s home.


FIBA latest ranking:28th in the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team

CCTV News:Recently, FIBA ​​updated the men’s basketball team in the world rankings, and the Chinese men’s basketball team ranked 28th. The United States, Spain and Australia ranked in the top three. Currently Asia and Oceania merge, so Australia ranks first in this region, Iran (23rd in the world) and New Zealand (25th in the world) are ranked second and third, China is ranked fourth, South Korea and the Philippines are ranked fifth and sixth. .


US media:The top 10 players have basically been determined

Live broadcast, December 9th ESPN announced today 11-50 of the top 100 players. Prior to this, the ranking of 51-100 has also been announced, leaving only the last top 10. However, according to the rankings that have been published, the US media has basically determined the ownership of the top 10. At present, only the ranking is uncertain.