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Tianjin comprehensively strengthens management and control and implements the “non essential and inseparable from Tianjin”

Tianjin, January (Xinhua) 14 (reporter Zhang Daozheng) on the afternoon of 14, held 168th Tianjin New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau Command Center Director, spokesman Ren Feng introduced, from January 8th, Tianjin public security aircraft quickly launched the emergency response mechanism, to co-ordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation. Maintain stability and service development, cooperate to complete the first and second rounds of full staff nucleic acid screening and sampling at more than 7400 nucleic acid detection points in 16 administrative regions of the city, and comprehensively strengthen the overall prevention and control of social aspects and the investigation and control of exit channels.